Monday, December 22, 2008

Finally added an header for this blog - Take 1

This is take 1. I will be working on a few more until I decide on one I like to keep as permanent ... or maybe like clothes, I will change the header periodically. I have to find out what the parameters of blogspot's header images are. I used 800 x 450, which may be a bit bigger than the parameters. Probably have to go to 600 x whatever.

Don't know if I like this header or not, but I wanted to mess with some images for the blog header. There is also the legality issues surrounding the use of images. And of course, finding the right stickgrappling/stick locks/stick chokes images to use can be a challenge also because of my 'fetish' for stickgrappling. For the record, no copyright infringement intended. Images are of John Styers from his book, Cold Steel.

Stayed up way past my bedtime coming up with this one. Mostly it was picking the right fonts for 'the look'.

Yea? Nay? What say ye? Suggestions? Thank you in advance.


Martin said...

Hi, I've startet reading your blog two weeks ago and really enjoy it. Thank you for the writing.

To the header:

First of all you should center the image. If the google blog interface doesn't provide you with a proper menue you can edit the CSS code directly. (text-align: center; or something should fix it)

Secondly the font doesn't really fit to the picture. If you want to keep the relief font remove at least the shadow of the text on the photo.

Thirtly, I think the text underneath the (really good) photos isn't quite readable.

In my Opinion you should keep the two photographs as one picture and add the Text as real HTML text.

Stickgrappler said...

hello Martin:

first off, thank you for reading!

i just uploaded the pic to blogspot, will have to try your css coding to center then. however on my browser it does look centered.

thank you for the feedback on the header... yeah, it was late and i was just messing with photoshop. now i see that the text is slightly obscured. will have to try your HTML text suggestion.

thank you once again for reading and the suggestions!


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