Monday, December 08, 2008

Added a section to my blog

for most of the time, i live in a vacuum and just post to my blog when i have time. what is great about the blog format is that after each blog entry, in essence it's its own "forum thread". my site didn't have anything like this... after all, it was just a free tripod site where i archived what i found to be useful martial arts related info. i've received many emails regarding some of the content of my site since i began it.

so when i maxed out the free allotment of space on it, i tried a blog as a continuation.. there are some nice features of a blog vs a traditional site that i find useful (labels comes to mind and the blog entry replies).

so i live in a vacuum, i haven't added a page/hit counter to see how many visitors surf by like i did to my site... i get very little comments which may be a factor more of my lack of blogging frequency or just the content so far. this i kind of imagine my surprise when i got what, 4 replies?

so i don't live in a vacuum. the internet is huge and to think i'm but a little guppy in it that some people have noticed is at once a little intimidating for me and also a source of encouragement. lol.

so i added a section to my blog of people's blogs who have me linked to theirs.

my thanks to the past readers who replied and to any future readers. hope i am able to post something that is worth a reply out of your valuable time.

*bows deeply*



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