Saturday, December 29, 2007

TOM YUM GOONG: Tony Jaa and "muaykodchasarn"

As I mentioned before, I watched Tom Yum Goong recently. I watched it with my 3 kids, (9, 6, 4 years old). My kids loved it. Normally my wife wouldn't allow me to watch anything violent in front of the kids or *GASP* with them. She was in our bedroom watching TV which distracted her :)I was so into the action scenes appreciating the beauty of the martial arts choreography as well as some of the stunts that my mind's analytical faculties were shut off. My oldest commented out loud, "Tony Jaa moves like an elephant." I felt a little electric shock shoot up into my brain and felt goose pimples LOL for her insight and what she said was true! That moment immediatedly brought back memories of an email I had with my friend Aran, who lives in the UK. I rued the fact that I would not be able to train as much as I would like because my wife needed help with the kids and didn't like me out of the house working out with my training partners. Aran said something along the lines of: "You can learn alot from children." After my oldest made the comment, Aran's comment popped into my mind.

After the movie was over, I went googling for info. From wikipedia:

Tony Jaa incorporates a new style of Muay Thai into this movie (มวยคชสาร, "muaykodchasarn", roughly translated as "Elephant Boxing"), emphasizing grappling moves. "I wanted to show the art of the elephant combined with muay Thai," Tony told the Associated Press in an interview, adding that the moves imitate how an elephant would defend itself, with the arms acting as the trunk.

I interpreted that wiki entry as muaykodchasarn was created for the movie or that of all the Thai styles, it was one of the new/newer/newest styles around. I'm not sure. Regardless, the bonebreaking was awesome onscreen. I will be starting a
muaykodchasarn project shortly and hope to finish it sooner rather than later :-) When and if it's done, I will post here.



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