Thursday, December 27, 2007

LINKS: (Muay Thai) Khun Kao aka Brooks Miller


The name "Khun Kao" will be readily recognizable to anyone who has been to my site looking for Muay Thai info. Brooks Miller aka Khun Kao is very passionate about Muay Thai in all its varied aspects such as the ring fights, promotion, and teaching. He has ring experience, is a champion, is an instructor and has a knack of breaking a technique down so it is less complicated. Ages ago, before the martial arts forums on the World Wide Web exploded in popularity, the grandfather of all martial arts discussion was the Usenet newsgroup, rec.martial-arts. Through his articles on rec.martial-arts, I noticed his knowledge and skill in writing detailed articles. I emailed him requesting permission to archive his articles. Many martial artists have benefited from his usenet articles as well as his sage advice in the Kickboxing forum of The Underground.

If you are in the
Maryland, Washington DC, & Virginia, check him out! His site, and his myspace page,



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