Friday, December 28, 2007

REQUEST: Black Belt magazine's 1971 Krabi Krabong article by Hardy Stockman

Before Black Belt magazine revamped their site, they used to have an extensive archives section. Some of the articles I was interested in I saved for offline reading. One article, which either I have burnt to a disc and misplaced or I never saved it in the first place. I tried the Internet Wayback Machine site and Google's cache to no avail.

Just a shot in the dark, I am making a request...anyone who had saved this webpage and the pictures associated with it, please email me. Or if you have access to a scanner and the original magazine and can scan it in for me, that would be awesome too!


TITLE: A Two-Bladed Battle of Endurance: Thailand's sword-and-staff fighting art, Krabi Krabong

AUTHOR: Hardy Stockman
MAGAZINE: Black Belt
YEAR: 1971

A big thank you in advance.

*crosses fingers*


Stickgrappler said...

I found the issue via ebay. WOOHOO!


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