Thursday, December 27, 2007

QUOTE: Tough

What is 'tough' ?

Is tough being able to take a beating and get back up? Is tough being able to sit through something you don't like only to please your loved one because it's their favorite? Is tough putting on a leather jacket and shades with a cigarette in your mouth? Is tough being able to booze like there's no tomorrow and showing up for work the next day with a bad hangover? Is tough training in a spartan gym? Is tough being able to break a block of ice with your head? Is tough being able to bend a nail with your bare hands?

What is 'tough' ?

Along the lines of a previous entry, QUOTE: Bravery, I present to you a quote from the movie, A BRONX TALE.


Believe it or not, I've never seen this movie (yet)...I saw the scene in question either on the Academy Awards or some other awards ceremony. I know it stars Chaz Palmenteri and Robert DeNiro. I don't know who is saying what, but here you go:

A: The working man is a sucker.

B: Wrong! Pulling a trigger doesn't take strength. Get up every day and work for a living! Let's see him try that! We'll see who's really tough. The working man is tough.

Again, this entry is dedicated to 2 of the toughest people I know, my parents...Dad and Mom, this one's for you!



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