Friday, July 10, 2009

KICKBOXING: Official K1 YouTube channel

FEG's Sadaharu Tanikawa, K-1 Event Producer, announced today that an official K-1 Channel has been created on YouTube, the video sharing site with over 2 billion users.

*Now the world can enjoy K-1!

Built on the motto "From Japan to the World", the world's largest martial arts extravaganza "K-1" is now in its 16th year. Starting with a modest number of domestic fans back in 1993, K-1 events now boasts viewership in 135 countries. FEG, producers of the events, now wish to reach a broader audience and let them get know more about K-1 past and present. The first big step is opening the YouTube K-1 Channel (YouTube - Kanaal van K1). Not only will anyone be able to see K-1 events anywhere at any time, with the subtitle translation tools available, they'll be able to follow the commentary as well.

When the YouTube K-1 Channel opens on Thursday, July 9th, K-1 will be more accessible than ever. Content will include:

1. K-1 Archives = All the events from the very first one in 1993 to today in High Definition

2. Pre-fight Interviews = Pre-fight interviews capture the tension and excitement of the fighters before they step into the ring

3. Press Conference Footage = See the fighters face to face, sometimes for the first time, at the official press conferences

4. Post-fight Interviews = The elation of the winners, the disappointment of the winners, all captured in the post-fight interviews.

Bonus material:

1. Each video will come with comments and narration fully subtitled. YouTube's auto-translation tools will make the subtitles globally accessible.

2. K-1's official site will also carry the videos with extra content that will be constantly updated.

In Japan, K-1 is the first to enter into such a ground-breaking partnership with YouTube and the YouTube K-1 Channel, with archived K-1 events, interviews, press conferences, and also never-before-seen official content such as looks into the fighters lives, should give martial arts fans what they've always wanted - full access to the greatest martial arts show on Earth.

*K-1 events from the first in 1993 until today in Hi-Def!

*Captions convertable to any language!

*DREAM Channel opening soon for MMA fans!

K-1 Channel

My thanks to my friend P. for the heads-up. This is awesoome news! Some great stand-up action in K-1. Enjoy!



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