Sunday, January 20, 2008


From time to time, I get an idea for some project I want to work on. The idea is to research something and learn more about it and hopefully in the process understand something more after the project is completed. Also, share the results of the project either via my site or blog or whatever venues and avenues of distribution there may be, with the community.

Given my current stage in life of what the Dog Brothers call "The Family Man", I've not started many of the various projects I have in mind. This blog is one of the projects which I've started, albeit at a snail's pace. I may stay on one project until completion, or jump from one idea to another...I don't know now. Within the project, I may start at A, then followed by B, and then C and so on until Z...or I may start with D then O, and then G...I don't know, but what I do know is I will have fun and hopefully learn something while in the process and once the project's results is shared, hope it serves someone some use.

Of course, any misinterpretations, any mistakes, anything will be my doing and not the various areas/authors/subjects fault that I am researching.

With that said, two projects that I want to start and is not fully mapped out yet is:

1) Deconstruction of the Tao of Jeet Kune Do - I am undecided if this will be included in this blog or be a stand-alone blog. Basically the idea is to identify the sources of Bruce Lee's notes that got compiled by Dan Inosanto and Gil Johnson.

2) Online Dictionary of the Martial Arts -
an all encompassing dictionary/encylopedia/reference of the martial arts. If say someone wanted to learn how to jab and what a jab is, they can look up the Jab entry and see a pictorial sequence of how to perform the jab and the entry would also include text with either tips, a how-to, stories...etc. If the uninitiated wanted to look up 'puter kepala', they would find out what style it's from, a puter kepala done in pictures, etc.

Included in this dictionary, would be profiles of past luminaries as well as current names of the martial arts community. One easy way to get this going is probably to start another blog specific to just this project. Also, bordering on copyright infringements...either scans of articles and/or books would be used...a faster method would be to use existing webpages. Instead of linking to the original site, perhaps to have the entries' info centralize to this blog, the original page's contents would be copied to the blog. This may not be the best way, but credit would be given to the original site. I may or may not have time to contact the siteowner about the borrowing of their page. These are some considerations I'm mulling over before getting this project off the ground.



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