Sunday, July 26, 2020

Spy Game S01E11 - "Necessity is the Mother of Infection" (unaired in USA)

Posting the 11th episode of Spy Game which was unaired. Enjoy!


It is not a good time if your chosen profession is spy. The Cold War has ended, and spies are no longer in high demand. While ex-Secret Agent Lorne Cash is trying to determine what to do next, he is requested by the President to assist the Emergency Counter Hostilities Organization. A young rookie member of ECHO, Maxine 'Max' London, is assigned to be his partner. This late era spy must now become accustomed to the modern era "Spy Game".


When an unhinged activist steals a deadly virus known as "Q" from a shady research institute and releases it in a small town to prove that the banned bioweapon is still being produced, the team only has 12 hours to find the antidote.

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