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Spy Game S01E01 - "Why Spy?" (Mar 3, 1997)

Posting the first episode of Spy Game which premiered 21 years ago on this date of March 3rd. Enjoy!


It is not a good time if your chosen profession is spy. The Cold War has ended, and spies are no longer in high demand. While ex-Secret Agent Lorne Cash is trying to determine what to do next, he is requested by the President to assist the Emergency Counter Hostilities Organization. A young rookie member of ECHO, Maxine 'Max' London, is assigned to be his partner. This late era spy must now become accustomed to the modern era "Spy Game".


Lorne Cash, a retired espionage agent, is coaxed out of retirement to investigate the murder of a former mentor. He's teamed with a beautiful female spy, Maxine London, and the pair quickly discover that the supposedly dead agent is still among the living and trying to perfect a killing machine that destroys living creatures while living buildings intact. He demands that the President of the United States pay him billions of dollars, and when he's rebuffed decides to demonstrate his machine's power by killing the POTUS.


  • Mr. White was played by Peter Lupus and is best known for his role as strongman Willy Armitagefrom 1960's Mission:  Impossible.
  • Mr. Black was played by Patrick Macnee and is best known for his role as debonair agent John Steed from 1960's The Avengers.
  • Crazed Terrorist was played by Robert Culp and is best known for his role as Kelly Robinson from 1960's I, Spy.
  • Piotr 'Shank' Reshankov was played by Keith Szarabajka and is best known as Mickey Kostmayer in 1980's The Equalizer.

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