Sunday, June 07, 2020

Spy Game S01E04 - "Dead and Gone Honey" (Jun 7, 1997)

Posting the 4th episode of Spy Game which premiered 23 years ago on this date of June 7th. Enjoy!


It is not a good time if your chosen profession is spy. The Cold War has ended, and spies are no longer in high demand. While ex-Secret Agent Lorne Cash is trying to determine what to do next, he is requested by the President to assist the Emergency Counter Hostilities Organization. A young rookie member of ECHO, Maxine 'Max' London, is assigned to be his partner. This late era spy must now become accustomed to the modern era "Spy Game".


Lorne and Max investigate when two dead former agents are found with all their molars removed. They are assisted by retired agent Honey Trapp who teaches Max the art of being a sex kitten to extract information from distracted male targets.

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