Sunday, January 10, 2016

Happy 60th Birthday Arjarn Arlan Sanford!!

Source Photo: Arlan Sanford / Facebook

In honor of Arjarn Arlan Sanford's 60th milestone today, I'm posting 2 videos as tribute to Arjarn in addition to 3 GIFs! Please join me in wishing him a Happy Birthday!

(sùk san wan gèrt)
Happy 60th Birthday Arjarn Salty Dog!

Salty Dog vs Rene "Growling Dog" Cocolo
Beat The Crap Out Of Cancer V
DSvDS Krabi Krabong

Arjarn Salty Dog teaching a Krabi Krabong Disarm

I took the liberty to make 3 GIFs from the above video, regular speed, slomo, and 1 of both speeds.

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EDIT: *EMVARASSED* my sincerest apologies, I'm not good at Math, it's Arjarn's 61st B'day and not 60th. Also my sincerest apologies to Rene Cocolo. I knew Rene is Growling Dog, but for some reason typed up Howling Dog (who is Tom Guthrie).



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