Thursday, December 19, 2013

Today would've been GM Remy Presas' 77th Birthday!

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Celebrating what would've been Grandmaster Remy Presas' 77th birthday. I posted on my Facebook requesting quotes and stories of him.

Enjoy them!

Hock Hochheim posted to his Facebook page the following quote:

Famous Remy quote "You will train your whole life...for a 4-second stick fight"

Arlie Everett posted to Hock's Facebook the following story:

I remember one seminar in Dallas, and Remy had pulled a muscle on Saturday. Hock, Mark Lynn, and I were in his room at the lunch break while I was doing acupressure and trying to work the muscle problem out. I remember how hard it was to try to work the muscle because he had muscles like steel, especially the forearms.

The following 2 stories about GM Remy Presas are courtesy of Wesley Tasker by way of Bruce Juchnik:

My teacher, Bruce Juchnik, was traveling with GM Remy by plane to a seminar and they had the following conversation:

RP - "Bruce, you seem worried. What is wrong?"
BJ - "I don't like to fly."
RP - "Do not worry. I will give you the Anting-anting for flying."
BJ - "Could I have the one for invincibility instead?"
RP - "No, I can not do that."
BJ - "Why not?"
RP - "Because I may want to kill you some day."

"One time we were ending a string of demos that would end with some Espada Y Daga freestyle work with real machetes and knives. I was getting tired of GM Remy honestly making me look like a little kid and disarming me at will so I worked out what I thought was the perfect way to disarm him seeing as I had been working with him for a while at this point. So we're doing the end of the demo and I kept feeling for when his hand would get in position and then I went for it. He let go of his machete and I looked down to see his dagger being held in his right hand right over my stomach. I looked up and he looked at me, smiled, and said, 'Bullsh!t Bruce... You're not that good.'"

My sincerest thanks to my friends who posted!

Lester Griffin aka Surf Dog
"Nobody can touch you" (He kept saying that over and over in one of his videos... The context is once you have mastered Arnis)

John Lew
"Now you know how to do dat!"

Frank Stevens
RP - "Then you take your pinger and foke him in the eye!"

Boddeen Sween
"Go with the flow."

Loren W. Christensen 
He came up to me once, looked left and right to ensure his words would not be overheard, and said in a low voice, "If you train very, very hard, you will be very, very good."

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Unknown said...

I remember the first time I trained with the Professor. He did all of these disarms and locks and his grip was like no one's I'd ever felt before. I was amazed. He did all of this right handed, mind you. It wasn't until later I learned the Professor was left handed...

Thank you for introducing me and so many others to the FMA. You are missed.

~ Jeff Taska

Stickgrappler said...

Hello Mr. Taska:

*bows deeply*

Very cool! Thank you for sharing!!

Very truly yours in the MA,



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