Thursday, December 26, 2013

THE WISDOM OF ... Dr. George Thompson (creator of Verbal Judo)

Dr. George Thompson created Verbal Judo to teach LEO's (Law Enforcement Officers) how to tactically communicate with civilians. One need not be a LEO to use Verbal Judo to one's advantage.

Many arguments are a result of any (and all) of the 5 universal truths not being observed. Think about how a LEO may speak to you and your first reaction. Suppose an officer made you feel inferior to him/her and showed no respect to you? How would that make you feel? Odds are you would take offense.

Suppose it's you talking to someone that worked for you or reports to you. Suppose it's you talking to your loved one or child? Suppose you are a teacher talking to your student? Now turn the tables around:  suppose you are the child that the parent is talking to? Or the student that the teacher is talking to? Or the spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend? Or the subordinate being spoken to by their manager/superior?

Run through Dr. Thompson's 5 Universal Truths of Human Interaction and see how it can help you as well as the person you are speaking to.

There is a lot of wisdom in the 5 Universal Truths! Read on for the wisdom of Dr. Thompson.

Hope these help you on your sojourn of septillion steps!

The 5 Universal Truths of Human Interaction

Dr. George Thompson explains the five universal truths of human interaction which remain true across the board, regardless of cultural background, gender, etc.

  1. People feel the need to be respected (Unconditional respect and dignity.)
  2. People would rather be asked than be told (Asked to do something, not told.)
  3. People have a desire to know why (Told Why.)
  4. People prefer to have options over threats (Options given instead of threats.)
  5. People want to have a second chance

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