Monday, February 02, 2009

EZINES: Meibukan Magazine

Check out the following link for the Ezine, Meibukan Magazine:

Free pdf downloads...10 regular issues (last published issue was from July 2008) and 1 special issue (European Medieval and Renaissance Martial Arts) so far. The magazine is mainly to spread the knowledge and spirit of the martial arts. It also draws attention to the historical, spiritual and technical backgrounds of the martial arts. The starting point are the teachings of Okinawan karate-do, however, there are articles on systema, police, and article submissions by the likes of Darren Laur and Eric Cobb (Tony Blauer student). Hope Meibukan will continue!


p.s. my last post about ebooks was on Filipino Martial Arts Digest. Perhaps I should've labelled it as Ezines instead.



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