Monday, February 23, 2009

Back from Canada / Granny's funeral services

Back from Canada and Granny's funeral services. Landed Saturday 6AM... got home about 8AM. The usual wait time was passing through Customs and waiting for our luggage. Hard to sleep on airplane due to cramped seats... even worst was an infant crying all throughout the flight and the mother not helping any by yelling at her baby.

Home Sweet Home! After getting the kids changed into their PJ's, tucked them in. I hit the sack shortly. Slept like from 8:30AM to 1PM. Wife woke me up, to go pick up some homework that our oldest would have gotten if she went to class that Saturday at 9AM. Also did groceries shopping. Next up was uneventful laundry lol. Saturday night, sleep time, slept like a log.

All but 1 cousin and his family, and an aunt and her 2 sons, were present for Granny's funeral services. They didn't remember to renew their passports. My dad (the oldest son), my 3 uncles, and an aunt was there. My Granny's brother was also there. Flew in 2 days before me. All told, 33 relatives were there. There were maybe about 30 friends there too.

Tried to man-up, but couldn't. I couldn't hold back some tears periodically during the services. Unlike my uncles and cousins who lived with her, I didn't get to see Granny much, other than the summer vacations. As I am the only son of her oldest son, and she loved boys, I would like to imagine that I was one of her favorite grandchildren, but I'm sure she loved each and every one of her grandchildren with favoritism towards the boys. I loved her more than people can imagine despite us physically being apart and despite me not being in constant contact with her. That may sound weird somehow. Anyway, she was my last surviving grandparent, as my maternal grandparents passed away more than 5 years ago.

Granny, may you rest in peace.



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