Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Anthony De Longis Bullwhip article in Black Belt magazine

The December 2008 issue of Black Belt magazine, with Cung Le on the cover, has an article by De Longis on the Bullwhip Part 1.

here's a short video by him on Black Belt's site. He goes through the various offensive aspects of the bullwhip:

The issue also has the 2008 Black Belt Hall of Fame inductees... De Longis is inducted as Weapons Instructor of the Year. Congratulations to Mr. De Longis on this accomplishment!


Here's the Black Belt profile (

Anthony De Longis has studied traditional armed combat for 35 years, and his fighting style has been shaped by decades of training with fencing maestro Ralph Faulkner and jeet kune do/weapons expert Dan Inosanto. De Longis is primarily known—and sought out—for his skill with the sword and whip, and he continues to study fencing, the Japanese sword arts and a variety of other systems.

Counting students as disparate as Cold Steel CEO Lynn Thompson and actress Michelle Pfeiffer (whose turn as Catwoman in Batman Returns debuted the unique De Longis bullwhip style), De Longis has taught fighters and martial artists as well as movie stars and stuntmen. When Harrison Ford agreed to bring Indiana Jones back to the silver screen, he received six weeks of intensive bullwhip training from De Longis.

In recent years, he’s appeared at training camps like Radford, Virginia’s Karate College, in instructional videos and on the pages Black Belt, but the majority of his students still learn from him one-on-one, sometimes traveling thousands of miles to reach his mountaintop home. To De Longis, that personal interaction is the heart of the teacher-student relationship.

For more information about the weapons training De Longis offers in Southern California, visit



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