Monday, November 24, 2008

1 TiddlyWiki (TW) project I have in mind

Here is one project I had in mind in addition to the Martial Arts Magazines Index -- MMA events, fighters, records...

Not sure if TW can tally up some numbers to come up with a record, but I run into this all the time... which UFC did Matt Hughes get a standing back mount and RNC'd Frank Trigg? Where did UFC 1 take place? When did it take place? Who did Randy Couture fight?

Sure I can probably find the answers over the internet via Kirik Jennings' site or even... but the beauty of the TW is that it doesn't need to be online, i pop open the TW in any browser and search for it and voila, I have the info at my fingertips.

Or how about searching for a specific technique? Which UFC fight(s) had a good example of the proper way to jab? Which event was a TKO set up by kick? Which fighter used a spinning backfist to set up victory? Hip throw? Full-nelson suplex?

See what I mean? The possibilities are endless.



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