Monday, June 11, 2001

52 Hand Blocks in Rap Lyrics: "Soul in the Hole"

Rap lyrics with reference to 52 Hand Blocks

NOTE: Special thanks to Douglas Century for providing the following:

Another Wu-Tang reference to 52 blocks -- this time from a street basketball movie.

"Yo, we throwin 52 blocks at outside shots to bubble up the snot box
No penalties or shot blocks, it's similar to Comstock, kid
You catch an elbow in this hellhole of concrete
Add a touch of soul before we compete..." *

* Translation: for those not up on street slang: the guy is defending another guy in basketball, but saying he's gonna throw a 52 Block move during an outside jump shot, and then blood will flow from his opponent's nose (snot box)-- because this being street baskeball, there's no fouls called. Rather, it's similar to being in Comstock (notorious prison in New York State -- interestingly a whole system of 52 is named after Comstock). The elbow reference is also interesting, because so many 52 moves involve surreptitious elbow shots and forearms to the neck, solar plexis or other pressure point... They could sneakily be employed in a rough-and-tumble basketball game with no referee calling fouls

Artist: The Wu All-Stars
From the movie: "Soul in the Hole" Song: "Soul in the Hole"

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  • Special thanks to Douglas Century for providing the reference.
  • Posted Oct 13, 2015 and backdated to Jun 11, 2001. I neglected to add a date to the original post on my old site. I'm using Jun 11, 2001 as a guesstimate as Doug Century was my source. He was actively posting about that time in which I archived his contributions on that date. Mirror of my old site "Soul in the Hole" by The Wu All-Stars



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