Monday, June 11, 2001

52 Hand Blocks in Rap Lyrics: "It's Not a Game"

"I ain't have to quickdraw Mcgraw ya, I could Fifty Two Block ya
Switch my stance up Southpaw, drop ya ..."

Artist: American Cream Team f/ Raekwon, RZA
Album: Black and White Soundtrack
Song: "It's Not a Game"

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  • Special thanks to Douglas Century for providing the reference.
  • Posted Oct 13, 2015 and backdated to Jun 11, 2001. I neglected to add a date to the original post on my old site. I'm using Jun 11, 2001 as a guesstimate as Doug Century was my source. He was actively posting about that time in which I archived his contributions on that date. Mirror of my old site "It's Not a Game" by American Cream Team f/ Raekwon, RZA



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