Monday, April 30, 2018

When Taekwondo Strikes (1973) (Full movie)

GM Jhoon Rhee passed away earlier today.

I'm posting the full movie "When Taekwondo Strikes" (1973) (aka Sting of the Dragon Master) in which Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee starred with Angela Mao and Sammo Hung, in his honor.


The story is about the Korea under Japanese rule during World War II. A Korean nationalist played by Carter Wong gets into a fight with some non-Korean Japanese people and is chased into a church. The priest there is captured and tortured. Trying to secure his release, the leader of the resistance, Jhoon Rhee is himself captured and tortured by the Japanese. Carter Wong, Angela Mao and Anne Winton have to now try and rescue him. This leads to an explosive climax with the heroes having to fight the likes of Wong In Sik (Hwang In-Shik), Sammo Hung and Kenji Kazama.

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