Friday, February 24, 2017

"I Am Wrath (2016)" GIF Set 1

My friend Ted B. informed me of a movie which had 3 knife fight scenes all of which featured the knife in reverse grip! Given many movies with the knifefighters weilding the knives in standard grip aka hammer grip, I had to check out the movie!

I Am Wrath (2016) is an action thriller film directed by and written by Yvan Gauthier/Paul Sloan. Justin Yu is the Fight Coordinator. John Travolta headlines the movie and Christopher Meloni co-stars. My guess is that Justin Yu was the one responsible for the reverse grip showcase.

Enjoy this first GIF set of Christopher Meloni's fight scene in "I Am Wrath (2016)"!

Bonus GIF - isolating just for 1 action

GIF of the whole scene

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