Monday, February 08, 2016

Happy Year of the Monkey!

I didn't have a chance to post on Jan 1, wishing the readers of this site a Happy New Year. Will take the opportunity today to do so with the Lunar New Year/Year of the Monkey.

Happy Lunar New Year! May the Year of the Monkey bring you and your loved ones Happiness, Health and Wealth!

I'm not that good with New Year's Resolutions.

I generally don't make resolutions as in making specific goals for 1 year ... kind of inspired by one of Scott Adams' books (creator of the Dilbert cartoon). Adams advocates a 'systems' approach instead of a 'goals' approach. If i don't make goal, i sometimes mentally beat myself up.

Looking to enable a system, and forming the habits that come from a systems approach for overall health.

Some of my NYR are specific goals though (lol at me)

  • Learn and teach my wife the Yang Short Form
  • Learn and practice some Silat Jurus
  • Learn and practice some Iaido katas
  • Add in Yoga's Sun Salutations into my solo workouts
  • Practice working up to being able to do Yoga's Peacock pose properly
  • More seated Meditation - work on sitting in Lotus Position properly
  • Add in some solo grappling drills (no mat, no carpet, will see what i can do)
  • Overall, continue to be active, watch what and when I eat, and trying to eat less

What are your resolutions? May they all come true!

Happy New Year!



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