Friday, June 26, 2015

Maestro Sonny Umpad would've been 67 today - posting some great quotes.

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Maestro Sonny Umpad

(June 26, 1948 - August 24, 2006)

Today would've been Maestro Sonny Umpad's 67th birthday.

In his honor, I'm posting some of his great quotes.


"To hit is easy. To get hit is even easier ... but to NOT get hit ...? That's where the art is."

"You can always tell someone who has no roots, because he guards the leaves. But the true student has roots and a trunk, so he is always willing to give away leaves freely."

"The stick is the husband and the knife is the wife."

"The blade arts must not be confused. They are not a sports game. 

It is about life & death. 

When you look at a blade on the flow of traditional angles, the movements are very beautiful. 

Once they are used in actual combat or in use for real, they turn dark, very dark. 

Just hope that you don't have to use it or call on the dark side."

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