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生日快樂邱淑貞 Happy 47th Birthday Yau Chingmy!!! Naked Killer (1992) (Full movie)

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Happy 47th Birthday Yau Chingmy!!! (aka Yau Suk-zing)

The beautiful Yau Chingmy is probably best known to Western audiences for her portrayal of Kitty in the cult classic, "Naked Killer." She starred opposite some of the biggest Hong Kong actors of her time including:  Simon Yam, Stephen Chow, Jet Li, Jackie Chan and Chow Yun-fat!

I'm posting the movie I found on YouTube in Cantonese with English subtitles!

Happy Birthday Yau Suk-zing!!


Naked Killer (1992)
(Chinese: 赤裸羔羊)
Cantonese with English subtitles - 1 hr 11 mins cut

WARNING: Graphic violence as well as sexual situations and nudity.


The story of a young flirty feral woman named Kitty Chingmy who is trained by a martial arts specialist to become a professional assassin. She's subsequently recruited by the real killer, a hit woman who targets rapists at large and practices on drooling sex-mad psychos chained up in the attic. When they finally head out for the real thing, they take out victims in a display of midair somersaults, cracking whips, flying ropes, and flashing guns. This kind of foreplay attracts the lustful attentions of rival assassin Carrie Ng, a lesbian killer ready to abandon her purring sex kitten for the savage Chingmy.

  • In spite of the title, the film shows little in the way of actual nudity. At the time, appearing naked in Asian movies was seen as detrimental to an actor or actress' career prospects, though many A-list actors chose to star in Category III films. Although she does appear topless while making love to Simon Yam, Chingmy Yau keeps her breasts covered with her arm.
  • This was one of a number of movies in which Yam and Yau starred together in the 1990s.
  • The controversial nature of the film with its violent content and sexual themes led to extensive cutting by the censors in both Hong Kong and abroad.
  • Japanese actress Madoka Sugawara does appear topless and her posterior is shown during her love scenes with Carrie Ng, who remained clothed and insisted on wearing gloves while fondling Sugawara's body.
  • Studio shots were taken of Yau nude with Ng fully clothed.

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