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Force: Five (1981) (Full movie)

On this date of Mar 7 in the year 1944, one of the greatest kickboxers ever was born.  

The one and only, Joe Lewis, would’ve 71 years old. He passed on Aug 31, 2012 despite a malignant brain having been removed in July 2011. I’m posting the full movie Force: Five in his honor.

Happy 71st Birthday Champ! Enjoy!

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Force: Five (1981)

A top government agent assembles a force of five martial arts experts to carry out a near-impossible assignment. They must topple the corrupt organization behind one of the world's most wealthy and powerful religious leaders.

  • This was Joe Lewis’ second film.
  • Director Robert Clouse also directed Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon.
  • The villain Reverend Rhee is played by Hapkido Grandmaster Bong Soo Han. Han was the stunt double of Tom Laughlin in 1971’s Billy Jack.
  • Part of Joe Lewis Force: Five were martial artists Richard Norton (2nd movie, 1st was Chuck Norris’ The Octagon and Benny “The Jet” Urquidez (1st film, The Jet’s 2nd film was in Jackie Chan’s Wheels on Meals (1984).
  • Force: Five is a loose remake of Jim Kelly’s Hot Potato (1976).
  • 33 years after the film premiered, Scorpion Releasing released Force: Five on DVD on Feb 11, 2014.

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