Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/11 11:11pm/Happy Veteran's Day/Jan 2012 Black Belt magazine heads-up

Just missed posting on this magical date and time. LOL @ me


To all veterans, Happy Veteran's Day!

This one is for you Grandpa. He served America during World War 2.


Check out the Jan 2012 Black Belt magazine, there's an interesting column by Mark Jacobs called Far East... this month's profile/column is on Master Zulfi Ahmed. He learned bando from a Pakistani master as well as Dr. Gyi. Talks about his childhood and traveling all over learning many other styles including Kushti.

This issue of Black Belt Magazine also contains:

 - 2 MMA Champions...2 MMA Organizations...1 Exclusive Interview (UFC Lightweight champion Frankie Edgar and Bellator Lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez)

 - Go Inside the Mind of BJJ Legend Rickson Gracie - article by Steven Abood - this was pretty interesting. Love these types of articles where the author/interviewer are able to get into the minds of their subjects, in this specific instance, the great Rickson Gracie!

 - Learn to Develop More Explosive Karate Kicks and Punches - Live In Training: Chinese Martial Arts Done Right in Northern California - about Dr. Yang Jwing-ming.


For more information on Master Zulfi, please check out his site:



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