Thursday, June 04, 2009

My Photobucket account exceeded monthly limit :-(

My main pichost, Photobucket, emailed to let me know the following:

Attention Stickgrappler

You have exceeded the 25 GB monthly bandwidth limit on your free
Photobucket account. As such, your image and video links have been
temporarily disabled. Your images and videos have not been deleted but
will be reactivated on the 27th of the month, when your bandwidth
usage resets to zero.

If you'd like to re-activate your links right away, you can upgrade to a
Photobucket Pro account for FREE by clicking on this offer.

I guess I needed to push the envelope to get a feel on how many pix i can post here on this blog and on the forums. Sincerest apologies to all if you cannot see the pictures on this blog. Working on a go-around on this :-)


Anonymous said...

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