Wednesday, September 10, 2008


so i've not been blogging... many events happened that i should've blogged about: Sichuan earthquake, Olympics, hurricane Hanna, anniversary of Bruce Lee's death, etc. but this post is just an update on me.. next post is the real reason i needed to blog about.

i changed industries/career back in summer of 2000... went into financial services... worked at One Liberty Plaza.. right across the street from the World Trade Center. after that, my career has taken off a bit... am an equities trader.. prop. or position trader... was trying institutional sales trader for a brief time, lots of things happened that changed... am lucky to be able to prop trade.. loads to learn and in these volatile market conditions with still so much uncertainty out there, it can be tough to trade.

during the summer, i was able to work out in a local park with my 2 training partners. my wife and kids came along and they did their thing as i did basic training... mostly focus mitts, some stickwork... early on, i brought my staff also and tried to beat up a tree with my sticks and the staff...needless to say, the tree won lol... wanted to do a little knifework, but didn't. it was good times and good training as i've not trained in some time due to family. now that the summer is over, i fear i will not be able to get together with my 2 training partners probably until next summer. i will need to work out on my own.

it's late, will get to the real post that i wanted to do.



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