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Some sarong notes from a Dan Inosanto seminar by JMAN

NOTE: submitted by JMAN. If you have questions or comments, please email me and I will forward it to him. May 20-21, 2000 (?) Dan Inosanto Chicago (?) seminar

We worked on some sarong techniques, including chokes with the sarong while doing body scissors/guard and some "freestyle" grappling with the sarong (only allowable techniques were sarong chokes and arm bars). We then did some freestyle attack and defense against sarong from the ground. These methods were developed by Dan and one of his BJJ instructors (a Machado BB, but not one of the brothers).

Standing With Sarong Over Shoulder

1) Basic Pass Choke: I believe this choke was shown on either Rick Tucci's Maphilindo Silat #1 or #2. Basically you "open" the sarong up with your left hand and pass the opponent's head between your chest/stomach and the sarong. You then pull down on the top of the sarong and up on the bottom, creating the choke.

2) Puter Kepala with arm lock and choke: Similar entry as the above, but now you take them down with the puter kepala throw. Maintain control on the opponent's arm and place it under your shoulder to get a sitting arm bar. If memory serves the choke came when you arched your back for the arm bar, but don't quote me on that. You may need some slight manipulation.

3) Guillotine-Spin under neck break-Knee Brace Choke: You do a standing guillotine after passing their head into the sarong (I am fairly certain that it is same entry as #1). Release the choke and grab their chin with your choking hand. Pull up on chin as you spin under them, causing them to fall in a very awkward manner. This is very easy to perform but rather hard to explain...if you are doing the choke with your right hand you would grab their chin with the right hand. As you pull it up and to the left (in a circular motion) you slip underneath them. You fall to your back using your rotation to twist the neck. Once they are down brace your shin against the back of their head and push while tugging back on the sarong.

4) Guillotine-Knee Strike-Axe Kick Puter Kepala Throw-Step over arm lock-Choke: Same entry as #3. Now fire a knee strike at opponent's head. Then, after placing the leg down, kick leg up and let it fall on opponent's neck (remember, they ARE bending over at this point). This tosses them just like Puter Kepala. We did several arm locks from here, all by stepping at least one leg over the opponent's head. Basically they were the "branch up", "branch down" and straight sitting armlocks covered on Rick Tucci's Maphilindo set. The choke was tightened by arching the back and rolling the shoulders.

From the Guard with Sarong Over shoulder

1) Noose Choke: Take the sarong and loop it over opponent's head. Now holding both sides of the sarong that is on the opponent's neck in one hand, slowly slide that hand up towards the neck. You must stabilize the sarong by holding it with the other hand.

2) Pass over neck (works like a lapel then): Make a loop out of the sarong and pass it over the opponent's head, just like #1. Now work lapel style chokes (we mainly worked the X choke)

3) Hook and Triangle: Similar to Dr. Gyi's basic stick chokes, except the sarong takes the place of the stick and your arm. There are several lapel chokes that work off this principle as well. Instead of passing sarong over opponent's head as in last 2 entries make a loop out of the Sarong and pass the loop over opponent's neck. Pull down one loop while pushing up on opponent's neck with your opposite forearm.

4) "Feed the Loop": Same entry as above but pass the loop to opposite hand. Now just pull. If you need to you can tug in opposite direction with other hand.

NOTE: Posted 8/4/2014 and backdated to 8/10/2000 to mirror my old archives.

For some animated GIFs I've made of Manong Inosanto performing the Sarong/Malong chokes, please check:

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