Friday, September 10, 1999

Outline of LaCoste Kali

12 Areas of LaCoste Kali

1st Area (Single Weapon)

  1. Single Stick
  2. Single Sword
  3. Single Axe
  4. Single Cane

2nd Area (Double Weapons)

  1. Double Stick (Double Olisi)
  2. Double Sword
  3. Double Ax, etc.

3rd Area (Long and Short Weapons)

  1. Stick and Dagger (Olisi-Baraw)
  2. Cane and Dagger
  3. Sword and Dagger
  4. Sword and Shield
  5. Long and Short Stick

4th Area (Double Short Weapons)

  1. Double Dagger (Baraw-Baraw)
  2. Double Short Sticks

5th Area (Single Short Weapon)

  1. Single Dagger (Baraw-Kamot)
  2. Single Short Stick 12" or 15"

6th Area (Specialized Short Weapon)

  1. Palm Stick (Olisi-Palad)
  2. Double end Dagger

7th Area (Pangamut, Kamot-Kamot or Empty Hands)

  1. Panatukan (Boxing to include use of the Elbows)
  2. Panadiakan or Sikaran (Kicking to include use of Knees and Shin)
  3. Dumog, Layug, or Buno (Grappling and Locking)
  4. Ankab-Pagkusi (Bite and Pinch)
  5. Higot-Hubud-Lubud (“Tying-untying, and blending the two”, which is a close range trapping and sensitivity exercise)

8th Area (Long Weapons)

  1. Staff (Sibat)
  2. Oar (Dula)
  3. Paddle (Bugsay)
  4. Spear (Bangkaw)
  5. Spear and Circular Shield
  6. Spear and Rectangular Shield
  7. Spear and Sword/Stick
  8. Spear and Dagger
  9. Two Handed Method (Heavy stick, Olisi Dalawang kamot)
  10. Two Handed Method (Regular stick)

9th Area (Flexible Weapons)

  1. Sarong (clothing worn in Southern Phillipines and Indonesia)
  2. Belt or Sash
  3. Whip (Latigo)
  4. Rope (Lubid)
  5. Chain (Cadena)
  6. Scarf, headband
  7. Handkerchief
  8. Flail (nunchucka) Olisi Toyok
  9. Tobak Toyok
  10. Yo-yo
  11. Stingray Tail

10th Area (Hand thrown weapons, Tapon-Tapon)

  1. Spear
  2. Dagger
  3. Wooden Splinter
  4. Spikes
  5. Coins, Washers
  6. Stones, Rocks
  7. Sand, Mud, Dirt
  8. Pepper, Powder
  9. Any object that can be thrown

11th Area (Projectile Weapons)

  1. Bow and Arrow (Pana)
  2. Blowgun (Sumpit)
  3. Slingshot (Pana Palad)
  4. Lantanka (Portable Cannon)

12th Area (Additional Training)

  1. Mental, Emotional, Spiritual training
  2. Healing Arts
  3. Health Skills
  4. Rhythm and Dance
  5. History, Philosophy and Ethics 

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