Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Sammo Hung in Enter the Fat Dragon (1979) (Full movie)

Enter the Fat Dragon (Chinese: 肥龍過江)

In celebration of Sammo Hung's 62nd birthday, I posting his directorial debut in celebration.
Sammo Hung plays Ah Long who is anxious to follow in Bruce Lee's footsteps, but only ridiculed for his attempts. He is sent to the city to earn a living working at his uncle's restaurant, but when he arrives, he finds a gang of thugs causing trouble in the restaurant. He takes the chance to prove himself and attacks the thugs, defeating them and saving the restaurant. Soon, he becomes a waiter, and discovers a plot by the same thugs to kidnap a woman he works with. Eventually, he defeats the thugs once again and saves the day.

Enjoy Sammo's 2nd directed film!

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NOTE:  Posted 1/10/14 and backdated to Sammo Hung's birthdate of Jan 7.



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